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Feature Item
Hobart C44 Hobart C44e
Very Nice Used Hobart C44e
Conveyor Dish Machine
Left to Right Operation
Only 2 years old!
3 phase 240 volt 52.6 amp
Pete's Price Only $8000
New List Price is over $20,000!
No. 9288
Spec. Sheet
Can also be purchased as an entire package including:
~Hobart C44e dish Machine
~6' left side soil table with sprayer
and disposal
~Right Side Clean Table with 8' X 8' "L" shape and stainless undershelf
~48" Condensate Hood with Fan
Pete's Package Price $12,000

NEW Dishwashers currently in stock:

Pete's Price $3195
3 Door Option. Low Temperature

(dish slide sold seperately)
(1 in stock)

Model E-AH EXT
only .93 gals/rack
Pete's Price $3399
No. 7534
(Sold on Order)
Spec. Sheet

American Dish Service
Model ET-AF-M
Undercounter Dishmachine
Low Temp
Pete's Price $ 2995
(0 in stock)

Moyer Diebel High Temp
Model# 351HT
Under Counter Dish Washer
Pete's Price Only $3200!
Built in Booster with 70 degree rise
(1 in stock)

Moyer Diebel LowTemp
Model 201LT
Built in Booster
Pete's Price $3200
Spec. Sheet
(0 in stock)

New Fagor
High Temp. FI-48 
(Sold on Order)
Pete's Price $3100
Spec. Sheet

New Fagor
Hi Temp. FI-64
(Sold on Order)
Pete's Price $3100
Spec. Sheet

USED Dishwashers currently in stock:

Corner Unit
Low Temp
Pete's Price $1400
No. 6807

5648 5649
Used Hobart AM-9-T-2
Pass Through Unit
3ph, 208v, gas fired
serial# 254685
No 5648

Insinger Pass-thru Dishwasher $call
Commander 18-5HC
Extra-high door, high temp, 208v, 3 phase
serial# 000581
No. 5227



Used Fagor
High Temp
Model FI-120
3 phase
Pete's Price $2500
No. 7865

Used Hobart AM-12
High Temp- straight thru
3 Phase
Pete's Price $2000
No. 7218

Champion WS44
Conveyor Dishwasher
D.O.M. 1994
3 PH. 480 V.
Pete's Price $4800
No. 6072

Jackson Pass ThruTempstar
Hi Temp onboard booster
3 ph. 47 amp or 1 ph. 76 amp
Pete's Price $3500
No. 5950

Used CMA 180
High Temp w/ Onboard Booster
Single or 3 phase
Pete's Price $3500
No. 9216

Used Hobart AM 14-C
High Temp 3 Phase
Pete's Price $3000
No. 9343

Used Hobart AM-14
W/ built in booster
3 Phase
Pete's Price $3500


USED Under Counter Dishwashers currently in stock:

Used Undercounter
Hobart Dishmachine
Model U-M
Pete's Price $800

Moyer Diebel Under counter Glass Washer
Model# MD18-1

(For Parts Only)

Used Moyer Diebel
Under Counter
Model HT 310 220V.
Pete' Price $2000

Used Stero Glasswasher
Model SGW-H-M
Dimensions 22w x 25dx 40h
Pete's Price $2500
No. 7958

Used Hobart
Model FFW High Temp
Pete's Price $2200
No. 9161

Used Jackson Avenger
Low Temp Undercounter
Excellent Condition
Pete's Price $2000
No. 9445

Used Moyer Diebel
351 HT High Temp
Pete's Price $1800
No 9509
USED Hot Water Boosters currently in stock - new boosters quoted upon request:

Used Hatco C-9
9KW 1 ph 240 V
38 amp
Pete's Price $695

Used Hatco C-15
15KW 3 ph 240 V
36 amp
Pete's Price $695

Used Hatco C-4
4 KW Booster
3 ph. 17 amp
Pete's Price$ 650

Used Hatco Booster C-45
45 KW 3 ph. 208V. 125 amp
Pete's Price $800


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