We would like to remind you Pete’s Restaurant Equipment is here to assist you in all your restaurant equipment needs. Online ordering may be easy, but the internet is not there to answer your questions or help with what your needs may be.

Pete has 25+ years of experience and will be happy to discuss your individual needs.

Pete would like the opportunity to assist you and in most cases will not be undersold. Come and visit us, or just give us a call


In our continuing effort to provide you with excellent customer service, Pete’s welcomes Herman Sims to our staff.
Herman was an Executive Chef and has worked in the food service industry for 30+ years.

Already on our staff is Pat Crosbie. Pat has 12+ years in the equipment service industry.

All of our staff bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our organization, helping us provide you with the best possible customer service and satisfaction.


Shop hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 10 am – 4 pm

Quick Ship is available for most new items, delivered in 1-3 days direct from our distributors!

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