What is our mission?

  • Pete Levesque’s business experience and integrity has been evolving since 1973.
  • Their 25,000 square foot warehouse was opened in North Conway, New Hampshire in 1998.
  • The staff at Pete’s strive to make your equipment shopping experience as painless as possible, including lower prices.
  • Our up to date website has spec sheets, prices and photos which can be viewed 24/7.
  • Manufacturer links, energy saving incentives and kitchen regulations, pertinent to your geographic area, may be reviewed in advance to facilitate your choice.
  • Finally, the large warehouse offers up close viewing of each piece.
  • “Cash and carry” allows you to load up your piece in tax free New Hampshire and get it into operation at your business on the same day.
  • Pete’s Equipment offers the largest inventory of new and used Restaurant and Store equipment in New Hampshire!

About Pete’s Equipment

Pete’s Restaurant Equipment started as Gene’s Corner Store way back in 1973. Well, okay not really, but the owner did. Pete Levesque and his wife Jeannine bought their first business at the age of 25.

It was a small-town corner store with a lunch counter in Lewiston, Maine. Two years later, Pete purchased Victor’s Market; a grocery store/ deli, also selling lobsters and clams, which came from another store Pete had acquired.

He ran a general store, with breakfast-lunch place almost right on the wharfs in West Point, Maine.

After nine years with those businesses, the “Pete’s” name began. Pete opened Pete’s Seafood Market in 1985. Pete’s sold seafood of all sorts, and a variety of groceries. Well, you need lots of ice to keep all that fish fresh, right? So, why not get ice from your own ice business? That’s just what Pete did.

In 1990, there was a pizza shop renting the space next to Pete, which went out of business and Pete took over. He started selling the ice machines from the ice business and the pizza equipment from the pizza business and got the equipment itch. He filled the pizza shop dining room with equipment. He filled the old kitchen with equipment. He then filled a building next door! And then a warehouse downtown!

Five years later, the equipment business took over. Pete moved the whole operation into a 25,000 square foot warehouse in North Conway, New Hampshire. Now with the business centralized in one location, 20 years of store and food experience, and over 15 years of equipment experience behind him, Pete’s Equipment is now the largest new and used Restaurant and Store equipment business in New Hampshire!