New Atosa 1/2 Size Proofer Heated/Insulated

  • Condition: New
  • Type: Proofer
  • Brand: Atosa
  • Model Number: ATHC-9-P
  • In Stock: No


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Stainless steel exterior & interior
• ATHC-9 holds nine(9) 18 X 26 pans and
ATHC-18 holds eighteen(18) 18 X 26 pans
• Heating mode with adjustable temperature
settings between 80°F and 220°F
• 1.3” clearance between slides
• Proof mode has 10 adjustments for
adjusting humidity level
• Easy to read LED display
• Transparent clear polycarbonate door with
90° stay open feature for loading of product
• Humidifying water tray to prevent loss of
moisture and preserve food
• Fully insulated cabinet with environmentally
friendly foaming material prevents heat
loss, provides energy savings and
environmental protection
• Detachable slides and removable control
drawer for easy cleaning
• 6’ power cord
• Four(4) casters standard – two locking,two